California in our dreams

It has been a while since we were travelling last time with the legendary Team Arundo.

We have been planning the upcoming summer and it would be super to organize some semiprofessional tournament (or at least some games together wit friends) in States. Especially California would be an ideal place due to it’s nature. Of course, the fact that it’s located by the sea and there would be many other activities around doesn’t make it less interesting at all😊

Still long winter ahead

Before summer arrives, there is still long and cold winter to wait for the games outdoor.

Hans has been trying to organize funding for us, just like he did during our last trip. Maybe we were lucky at that time or the amount we asked money for was way more realistic for any company to cover our costs. At this time, we’ve been in contact with 20+ companies already and we are getting only “maybe” as an answer.

We will go to California anyway

No matter about the financials or other boring practical stuff, we’ve decided to visit California anyways. With other people’s money or with our owns. If you’d be happy to cover our costs (or part of it), you know where to leave the comment and we promise to be creative and shout out your brand under the sun of California. Stay tuned!

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