Introduction to our team

This is us. Team Arundo.


I’m one of Team Arundo’s founding members. I’ve joined the team in 2017. Arundo is my first “real” team, as before it I’ve been playing paint ball only as a hobby.

I’m working in media industry and trying to limit my working days to 4 per week. I’m in a lucky situation, as media industry gives me a freedom to plan my work freely and it leaves me more time for my hobbies.


I’ve joined Arundo late 2017. Nowadays I’m chairman of the team and responsible to organise our travellings and sponsorship’s.

I’ve been working as an entrepreneur until mid 2019 when I sold my company. Now I’m enjoying the free time and playing with the other team members.


I’ve been on and off with Arundo. I’m usually the one who arrives a bit late to trainings, to whom team mates need to call when we are going out for a trip. But at the playing field I’m the last man standing. And the one who gets the most difficult shots. With out my scores I would have been kicked out from the team long time ago.


I’m the newest and youngest member in the team. I’ve been sporting my whole childhood. I started with football at the age of 5 and changed to boxing when I was 11. Right now I’m concentrating all my funds, time and efforts to paintball.

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