Trip to Belgium

We have been travelling together as “individuals” and played already in several countries. Our trip to Belgium was something we haven’t done before. The thing that made our Belgium trip different isn’t more complicated than we made it with other people’s money and therefore we call it as our first “official” trip abroad.

Paintball isn’t cheap hobby at all, but it tends to take all the money you have available and sometimes much more. Therefore, Hans is playing priceless role within our team and managed to get this trip funded by others. Hope he will keep up the good work and our hobby will be paid by others more frequently. It would be an ideal situation if we wouldn’t need to take any credit for the team or invest much money from our salaries. Not anymore at this age.

It’s kind of a funny that he didn’t even have any previous connections to company who paid us, but he just found Sortter to be interesting to give an e-mail and ask for financial support. And yeah, the money didn’t come for free, but we took some video clips with branded clothes and the material shall be used at the company’s marketing actions later.

Quick visit in Brussels

As we are paintball team, not any fashion blog we took quick round in Brussels (for 2-3 hours including lunch) and then we headed to forest and soils for a play. That’s why we came in here finally, not to do any shopping of swiping credit cards in fancy restaurants.

Game is on

Well, this mind sound fancy to have sponsored trips all over the Europe and so on. Paintball is a game that hardly gets any attention and therefore funding is super limited too. And due to lack of funding there isn’t so much organized events at our level. If we would be famous and a bit better than we are, we wouldn’t be playing in the forests but rather in some proper league.

Anyhow, it was pleasure to meet old friends, spend few days playing. And winning most of the games didn’t make the trip less successful either.😉

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