Where our name Arundo comes from?

We were asked many times during our trip where the name Arundo comes from.

Arundo donax is perennial cane that has been considered to be one of the most unwanted plants in the earth. It has several common names, like giant cane, elephant grass, carrizo, arundo, Colorado river reed, and giant reed (source: wikipedia).  

It grows in damp soils, both non salty and or moderately saline. It can grow up to 6 meters tall and it reminds a bit of bamboo. The plant is originally from Mediterranean area.

Arundo should be eliminated before it conquers the land. It’s not an easy plant to get rid of and it should be always eradicated with the specific techniques, with the proper planning and equipment before it impacts negatively to your neighborhood.

Team Arundo isn’t easy to get rid of either

We play hard, we are planning our strategies carefully and therefore we are not an easy team to be eliminated. We are here to win our battles and we are tough as Arundo. That’s where our name comes from.

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